Renee Testimony Part One 

Miracle of Provision Lady brought her daughter to Church for Ministry and the whole family God through Dr Erica gave her a word of knowledge that she was going to get and close on a house in 7 months the prophecy came true and she received a $10,000.oo check back at the closing made out to her.

Ted Liner shares testimony of how God told him to be with Ted Line

Jesus Believers Church‚Äč

508 Sheridan Ave

Dalton, Ga. 30721



Miracle Healing took place between the country of Columbia and the USA. Dalbert was dying the Love of a sister for her brother had Juliette call Dr Erica and The Ted Line prayer went up and Jesus Healed and Restored Dalbert. Thank you Jesus !

Renee Testimony Part Two 

Two ministers share their present day testomonies of miracles from their Ted Line experiences one from Texas and one from Georgia 

College acceptance 

Ted Liner Testimony Part One

Minister Deborah shares her testimoney and Ted Line Experience